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Hard Drive Capacity to Reach 3.3TB Thanks to Table Salt

Hard Drive Capacity to Reach 3.3TB Thanks to Table SaltResearchers in Singapore have developed a process that can increase hard disk space to 3.3TB per square inch. Dr. Joel Yang of Singapore’s Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, in collaboration with researchers from the National University of Singapore and the Data Storage Institute, have found a way to increase the data recording []

Online Gaming and Identity Theft

Online Gaming and Identity TheftWhen we think about identity theft, it normally brings to mind misplaced receipts and personal or credit card information stolen from unsecured websites. Though these have often been the scenarios during which identities are stolen, as the internet becomes even more ubiquitous personal information is being exposed in all new ways and places. Take []


Enforcement of HIPAA Intensified

Enforcement of HIPAA IntensifiedWe recently discussed the history and requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA. In the discussion we talked briefly about the severity of the fines for breaking the rules set forth by the Act. While from the last article we already know what the requirements are, we did not get into specifics about the []



Finding Facts about FACTA

Finding Facts about FACTA  Yesterday on the Mono blog we started a two part series on HIPAA and FACTA regulations regarding proper disposal of secure documents and data. Today we’ll be going over the destruction requirements of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, or FACTA. Passed by the United States Congress on November 22nd, 2003, FACTA contains seven []



HIPAA the Hippo Says… Secure Your Documents!

HIPAA the Hippo Says… Secure Your Documents!Today on the Mono Blog we’re going to start a two-part series on regulations established by HIPAA and FACTA , two acts of Congress dictating the proper handling of sensitive patient and consumer information. We’ll start with an outline of the guidelines for proper disposal of sensitive patient information from the Health Insurance Portability and []